ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing

ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing


About Baseline Testing: The baseline test is one important tool used to diagnose a concussion or help evaluate when it is safe for an athlete to return to a sport after suffering a concussion.  If a concussion or possible concussion is sustained, it is likely that a post injury test will be administered at that time.  This test baseline test MUST be taken every two years, but can be taken annually for improved accuracy.


Instructions for Baseline Testing:


Allow for 30-40 minutes in a quiet and distraction free environment.

    *No cellphones, tv, music, or other distractions.


Try to use a computer with a mouse if possible.


Go to the website


Select “New Jersey” from the dropdown box and click “Launch Baseline Test”.


Enter the code: B8AC4DCF8C

While holding down the control key, hit “Launch Baseline Test”.

    *If the test does not launch, then make sure that your pop-up blocker allows pop-ups from and retry.


Fill out the required demographic information.


Read all instructions carefully for each section of the test and begin when prompted.


Please print the confirmation after the test is completed and submit to Mr. Matt Bale-Pena, athletic trainer, in person or to his mailbox in the front office.


Contact Mr. Matt Bale-Pena at with any questions.