Welcome to the Bernards High School Health Office!

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Anne Connor,
Certified School Nurse
[email protected] 

Laura Worstell,
School Nurse
[email protected]

 Hours of operation:  7:30am - 2:50pm daily
Phone: (908) 630-3005  Fax: (908) 766-1589

To notify the school that your child will be absent, 
please leave your message on the 
Absence Verification 
Line at (908) 630-3004 

COVID19 information for the

Bernards High School Community

If you suspect you or your child may have COVID19, notify:

During school hours:

Dr. Neigel, Principal. 908-630-3001

Ms. Connor, Certified School Nurse, 908-630-3005

After school hours:

Dr. Neigel, Principal, [email protected]

Ms. Connor, Certified School Nurse, [email protected]

The District's COVID Dashboard includes the count of cases, the structure of our distance and hybrid learning plans and all letters from the superintendent and principals.

Nurse's Letter on COVID19