Electronic Databases

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Huge collection of full text research in:
 -General Reference
 -News Sources
 -Biography Reference
 -Business News
 -Literary Reference Center
 -Science Reference Center
 -Health Source: Consumer Edition

 -Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
 -Topic Search
 -History Reference Center
 -Professional Development
 -Referencia Latina  

Facts on File
Collection of subject based databases all under one roof:
African-American History Online
American History Online
American Indian History Online
American Women's History Online
Ancient &
 Medieval History Online
Bloom's Literature
Curriculum Resource Center
Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
Health Reference Center
Modern World History Online
Science Online
World Almanac for Kids Online
World Geography and Culture Online

Historical Newspapers 
Primary source collection covering more than 10,000 relevant articles from The New York Times as far back as the Civil War.

World Book Online
Online encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, etc

Biography In Context
Comprehensive, current and easy to use: contains more than 340,000 people from around the world and throughout history.
Student Resources In Context
Features original reference material, a massive archive of primary source documents and periodicals that are updated daily.

In-depth reports covering over 200 countries, the United States and Canada.

SIRS Issues Researcher
Research database on a broad range of issues as well as a dictionary and a thesaurus.

This is a fun way to learn about science, history, english, etc.

This is a great site for read-along books.